My make.conf for Gentoo systems
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Kolan Sh 91ba4e5b83 corka: +ABI_X86="32 64" 7 years ago
make.conf.backbone backbone: +smp 9 years ago
make.conf.corka corka: +ABI_X86="32 64" 7 years ago
make.conf.nickolay-842 -RUBY_TARGETS="ruby18" 9 years ago
make.conf.np350v make.conf.np350v added 8 years ago
make.conf.phenya -RUBY_TARGETS="ruby18" 9 years ago
make.conf.pobeda Remove SYNC option from make.conf 8 years ago
make.conf.vbox_gentoo make.conf.vbox_gentoo added 8 years ago
make.conf.xeon CPU_FLAGS_X86 Portage variable added. 8 years ago