124 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Kolan Sh 771f6dc8a0 Fix stage counter. 1 month ago
  Kolan Sh abb67e5d70 Upgrade perl package before perl-cleaner. 10 months ago
  Kolan Sh eeca40f975 Rebuild @system/@world in the end, do not stop on upgrade @system fail. 12 months ago
  Kolan Sh 17eba7c441 Upgrade Perl (perl-cleaner) before Python and @system... 1 year ago
  Kolan Sh 6e3941f543 perl-cleaner --all -> --reallyall 3 years ago
  Kolan Sh 1adec671b6 Get PORTAGE_TMPDIR from "emerge --info" 3 years ago
  Kolan Sh 6a840c1c15 Special symbols in `uname` shielding. 3 years ago
  Kolan Sh 60652d7b91 --keep-going=y added for @system and @world rebuilding. 4 years ago
  Kolan Sh 240461780f /etc/init.d/squash_layman script support added. 4 years ago
  Kolan Sh 2f7bf23b20 Revert "eix-remote update -> update2" 4 years ago
  Kolan Sh 7e6a1d9a3d eix-remote update -> update2 4 years ago
  Kolan Sh 515ce93886 bdeps fix 4 years ago
  Kolan Sh 99cd731498 Eselect Python automatically only if PYTHON_ESELECT=TRUE set. 5 years ago
  Kolan Sh 51ac224d06 haskell-updater removed. 5 years ago
  Kolan Sh ae5bb19dc6 grub2-mkconfig -> grub-mkconfig 5 years ago
  Kolan Sh ddde9aaeb9 python-updater deprecated. 5 years ago
  Kolan Sh f739dca543 Run perl-cleaner after package cleaning. 6 years ago
  Kolan Sh 421f1ed418 Don't upgrade Python if it's not necessary. 6 years ago
  Kolan Sh bf36505e4a Set timeout for live upgrade. 6 years ago
  Kolan Sh c48a36d4e7 Do not prelink already prelinked libraries. 6 years ago
  Kolan Sh b332c77908 Remove unused commented code. 6 years ago
  Kolan Sh e62a85ff36 Don't check eix-remote update status. 7 years ago
  Kolan Sh 3ff913b3fa Add '-1' arg to the emerge calls. 7 years ago
  Kolan Sh 398949ff4d Revert "Workaround for UnicodeDecodeError." 7 years ago
  Kolan Sh c23138bebf Don't run smart-live-rebuild if the command not present. 7 years ago
  Kolan Sh 699cd870da Workaround for UnicodeDecodeError. 7 years ago
  Kolan Sh 20ca5135f1 Fix selection of Grub version. 7 years ago
  Kolan Sh 4176622975 Run e4rat scripts only if the package is installed. 7 years ago
  Kolan Sh 8e2bb4c5e2 Break support for separate /usr. 7 years ago
  Kolan Sh b68ffb7c80 Using _NPROCESSORS_ONLN+1 to build kernel. 7 years ago
  Kolan Sh 8254c64118 Don't build binary packages on @world rebuild. 7 years ago
  Kolan Sh b302e20017 Spare actions commented to decrease overhead. 7 years ago
  Kolan Sh 4d0987f6f1 Indents updated. 7 years ago
  Kolan Sh 7b48de3ba9 MENUCONFIG_MODE=single_menu MENUCONFIG_COLOR=mono for menuconfig 7 years ago
  Kolan Sh 6215a5c992 Show "FULL DOWNLOAD" message only when really downloading. 7 years ago
  Kolan Sh a645d3a041 Check for perl-cleaner|haskell-updater necessity before @system upgrade as far as python may depend on perl. 7 years ago
  Kolan Sh b1a2845b9e Python upgrade must be before @system upgrade. 7 years ago
  Kolan Sh 240d18d30f --with-bdeps=y for @world upgrading. 7 years ago
  Kolan Sh 9c3a9e0b00 Determination of current Gcc version fixed. 8 years ago
  Kolan Sh 351a137552 Algorithm of current kernel version determining was improved. 8 years ago
  Kolan Sh 7e0a223e6e Show dependency tree on @system/@world upgrade. 8 years ago
  Kolan Sh 8df4b7e9b3 gentoo-fetchcommand script updated 8 years ago
  Kolan Sh 19fec29f51 ECLEAN_DISTFILES=TRUE by default 8 years ago
  Kolan Sh b6de5812bb Package filtering when upgrading the script. 8 years ago
  Kolan Sh b266abbaf1 Fixes in kernel-config.sh script. 8 years ago
  Kolan Sh a581a96c03 Fixes in kernel-config.sh script. 8 years ago
  Kolan Sh dbdd120562 Spare 'echo' command removed. 8 years ago
  Kolan Sh 5ec84c541d Safe kernel-clean.sh 7 years ago
  Kolan Sh a1bf667031 '-fake' option not needed in remount command. 8 years ago
  Kolan Sh 38213b7641 gentoo-upgrade fix: quotes. 8 years ago