My Awesome Config
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Kolan Sh e2bca4158a Alt+Shift+Enter -> Terminal 2 个月前
Icons Wi-FI icon updated. 3 年前
freedesktop Fix empty names 'Name=' in *.desktop files. 5 年前
themes to scale the wallpaper over several screens. 3 年前
README Initial commit 7 年前
autostart.lua Separate wallpaper for each screen. 2 年前 Don't override DISPLAY variable. 5 年前 disable gmail by default 3 年前 Path to the credentials updated. 5 年前 Path to the credentials updated. 5 年前
rc.lua Alt+Shift+Enter -> Terminal 2 个月前 Find files only. 5 年前
wallpaper.lua Set specific wallpaper instead of random one. 6 年前
weather.png Awesome-3.5 config added. 7 年前
wi.lua Awesome 4: many-many changes... 3 年前