My Awesome Config
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Kolan Sh f128bf543f Dialog borders. 7 months ago
Icons Wi-FI icon updated. 4 years ago
freedesktop Fix empty names 'Name=' in *.desktop files. 7 years ago
themes Font sizes updated to 10 8 months ago
README Initial commit 9 years ago
autostart.lua Optional nVidia Power Management tricks. 7 months ago Don't override DISPLAY variable. 7 years ago disable gmail by default 4 years ago Path to the credentials updated. 7 years ago Fix TypeError: mappingproxy object does not support item assignment 11 months ago
rc.lua Dialog borders. 7 months ago Find files only. 7 years ago
wallpaper.lua Set specific wallpaper instead of random one. 8 years ago
weather.png Awesome-3.5 config added. 9 years ago
wi.lua Many common changes. 8 months ago