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git clone

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# Add a new remote
git remote add origin

# Push the master branch to the newly added origin, and configure
# this remote and branch as the default:
git push -u origin master

# From now on you can push master to the "origin" remote with:
git push

Commit: #cce3796

Parent: #712bc44

server: ffmpeg +mp3 for audio convertions.

avatar Kolan Sh 6 days ago

21 21 media-libs/libpng apng
22 22 media-libs/libsdl2 X opengl
23 23 media-libs/mesa -llvm
24 media-video/ffmpeg aac v4l vpx x264
24 media-video/ffmpeg aac mp3 v4l vpx x264
25 25 net-dns/dnsmasq script
26 26 net-firewall/iptables conntrack
27 27 net-fs/samba aio quota