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Linux sources including Zen, TuxOnIce, Gcc patchsets for desktops/laptops (not for servers).

Main Features: Zen, TuxOnIce(<4.4.23-r2), Gcc, UKSM(<4.4.21-r1), BFQ, AUFS(<4.10)

Optional (missed in several releases): BLD

Commits in linux/backbone-sources:d509b0c00892915d56fb732cac61095c8bf333a2

Thursday September 14 2017

d509b0c: Zen merged into 4.9

avatar Kolan Sh 08:09

bd2e186: Linux 4.9 merged

avatar Kolan Sh 08:03

4ad5dca: Linux 4.9.50

avatar Greg Kroah-Hartman 00:13

3885bc6: NFS: Sync the correct byte range during synchronous writes

avatar 00:13

a70912a: NFS: Fix 2 use after free issues in the I/O code

avatar Trond Myklebust 00:13

301d91e: ARM: 8692/1: mm: abort uaccess retries upon fatal signal

avatar Mark Rutland 00:13

5b82e0e: xfs: XFS_IS_REALTIME_INODE() should be false if no rt device present

avatar Richard Wareing 00:13

0f7dbc4: btrfs: resume qgroup rescan on rw remount

avatar Aleksa Sarai 00:13

ebf381b: selftests/x86/fsgsbase: Test selectors 1, 2, and 3

avatar Andy Lutomirski 00:13

f52a535: nvme-fabrics: generate spec-compliant UUID NQNs

avatar Daniel Verkamp 00:13

d21f3ea: locktorture: Fix potential memory leak with rw lock test

avatar Yang Shi 00:13

03bea51: ALSA: msnd: Optimize / harden DSP and MIDI loops

avatar Takashi Iwai 00:13

6300c8b: Bluetooth: Properly check L2CAP config option output buffer length

avatar Ben Seri 00:13

b40aa8b: ARM64: dts: marvell: armada-37xx: Fix GIC maintenance interrupt

avatar Marc Zyngier 00:13

b276bc6: mtd: nand: qcom: fix config error for BCH

avatar Abhishek Sahu 00:13

f4a272d: mtd: nand: qcom: fix read failure without complete bootchain

avatar Abhishek Sahu 00:13

8651620: mtd: nand: mxc: Fix mxc_v1 ooblayout

avatar Boris Brezillon 00:13

3c8381d: mm/memory.c: fix mem_cgroup_oom_disable() call missing

avatar Laurent Dufour 00:13

Wednesday September 13 2017

e54f5ad: Merge branch '4.9/bfq' into 4.9/master

avatar Steven Barrett 03:55

04b1660: block, bfq: improve and refactor throughput-boosting logic

avatar Paolo Valente 03:55

749f9ba: block, bfq: consider also in_service_entity to state whether an entity is active

avatar Paolo Valente 03:55

6ee25fa: block, bfq: reset in_service_entity if it becomes idle

avatar Paolo Valente 03:55

6d0275e: Add extra checks related to entity scheduling

avatar Paolo Valente 03:55

18a3bd4: BFQ-v8r12

avatar Paolo Valente 03:55

a76abde: block, bfq: don't change ioprio class for a bfq_queue on a service tree

avatar Paolo Valente 03:55

a548b02: Fix commit "don't dereference bic before null checking it"

avatar Paolo Valente 03:54

ddcf32b: block, bfq: stress that low_latency must be off to get max throughput

avatar Paolo Valente 03:54

3f119e6: block, bfq: update wr_busy_queues if needed on a queue split

avatar Paolo Valente 03:54

ea7106c: BFQ-v8r11

avatar Paolo Valente 03:54

4571093: block, bfq: don't dereference bic before null checking it

avatar Colin Ian King 03:54