Object Oriented Programming in ANSI C. Basic example showing how OOP can be realized on ANSI C for Figure class.
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#ifndef __POLYGON_H__
#define __POLYGON_H__
#include <stdlib.h>
#include "Figure.h"
typedef struct Polygon
struct Polygon_vtable
/* derived from Object */
const char* (*type) ();
struct Polygon* (*clone) (const struct Polygon *this);
void (*destroy) (struct Polygon *this);
/* derived from Figure */
void (*draw) (const struct Polygon *this);
double (*area) (const struct Polygon *this);
/* Polygon virtual methods */
double (*max_diag) (const struct Polygon *this);
} *vtable;
/* Polygon fields */
size_t npoints;
struct point
double x, y;
} *points;
} Polygon;
Polygon* Polygon_new (const struct point *points, size_t npoints);
static inline const char* Polygon_type (const Polygon *this)
return this->vtable->type ();
static inline Polygon* Polygon_clone (const Polygon *this)
return this->vtable->clone (this);
static inline void Polygon_destroy (Polygon *this)
this->vtable->destroy (this);
static inline void Polygon_draw (const Polygon *this)
this->vtable->draw (this);
static inline double Polygon_area (const Polygon *this)
return this->vtable->area (this);
static inline double Polygon_max_diag (const Polygon *this)
return this->vtable->max_diag (this);
/* considered to be protected */
void Polygon_constructor (Polygon *this, const struct point *points, size_t npoints);
void Polygon_destructor (Polygon *this);
void Polygon_copy (Polygon *dest, const Polygon *src);
void __Polygon_draw (const Polygon *this);
double __Polygon_area (const Polygon *this);
double __Polygon_max_diag (const Polygon *this);
#endif // __POLYGON_H__