My CMake modules, scripts, templates
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Kolan Sh 206751e1f4 --abi-stability added for libraries/plugins 8 月之前
override/nsis.installoptions Override NSIS.InstallOptions only if needed. 3 年之前
templates get_library_path(): uninitialized hCurrentModuleInstance + make it static. 3 年之前
CFlagsCommonRules.cmake Common scripts renamed to .*CommonRules.cmake 4 年之前
CPackCommonRules.cmake For 9ba1995060ebb1c65ac9855e3671b3992c859059: 1 年之前
CPackDetectArch.cmake Fix architecture detection when MinGW is 32 while host is 64. 3 年之前
FindGettextOverride.cmake Gettext: add ${CMAKE_BUILD_DIR}/share/locale/lang/LC_MESSAGES... for debugging. 4 年之前
FindVala.cmake Initial commit. 5 年之前
GResourceCommonRules.cmake GResource rules added. 4 年之前
GSchemaCommonRules.cmake Win32: dirty hack for gschemas.compiled. 4 年之前
GettextCommonRules.cmake templates/ added. 4 年之前
GettextLangRules.cmake Changing Gettext ABI automatically. 4 年之前
GladeCommonRules.cmake GladeCommonRules.cmake added. 4 年之前
MacroOptionalAddSubdirectory.cmake Initial commit. 5 年之前
MacroSubdirList.cmake Gettext rules updated. 4 年之前
PkgConfigCommonRules.cmake For 9ba1995060ebb1c65ac9855e3671b3992c859059: 1 年之前
README Initial commit. 5 年之前
UseVala.cmake Initial commit. 5 年之前
ValaBinCommonRules.cmake Vala{Bin,Lib}CommonRules.cmake: --thread option is deprecated. 11 月之前
ValaLibCommonRules.cmake --abi-stability added for libraries/plugins 8 月之前


Backbone's CMake scripts.