Backbone's Portage overlay
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How to add this repo using layman

sudo layman -f -o -a backbone

Using Backbone's Profiles

Default Desktop/Laptop Profile

Extreme Desktop/Laptop Profile
Warning! Using this profile is unsafe as it could lead
to undefined behaviour of several packages!
Not all packages are ready for the profile.
Look at profiles/extreme/profile.bashrc for the exclusions I've added.

Hardened Server Profile

Repositories Priorities

My /etc/portage/repos.conf/gentoo.conf:

main-repo = gentoo

sync-type = git
priority = -1000

priority = -999

priority = -999


For Desktops/Laptops I'm using backbone-sources:

For Gentoo/Kernel Upgrading I'm using app-admin/gentoo-upgrade package scripts.

For the whole system rebuild I recommend app-portage/ewo package.

For finding cruft files I'm using app-portage/findcruftfiles (do filter output carefully).