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<name>Julian Ospald</name>
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The Zod Engine is an open source remake of the 1996 game Z by the
Bitmap Brothers written in C++ using the SDL library for
Linux / Windows / Etc.
The Story and Gameplay...
In Z you were a commander under General Zod in his attempt to
conquer the universe. Your team, Brad and Allan, went from site to
site and planet to planet pushing back the Blue forces while getting
bitched at by General Zod. In the Zod Engine the doors are opened
up so that you can play all the levels and make new levels the way
you've always wanted to. The Zod Engine is more then just a remake
of Z however, it is a fully commercially supported online game that
is perpetually running at all times. Players can connect and
disconnect at any time.
The Zod Engine is a MMORTS / RTS style game. In the game you command
an army of robots and vehicles to take over neighboring territories
in the ultimate goal of destroying all of your enemies. Unlike
traditional RTS (Real Time Strategy) games the Zod Engine does not
create units from collected resources but instead construction is
constant from preset factories scattered throughout the level.
What is New?
The Zod Engine is a multiplayer oriented game where as Z is a single
player oriented game. Here you will be able to for the first time do
things such as play games against multiple bot players, or play the
original levels with friends helping you on the same team. The Zod
Engine is cross platform for Linux and Windows and can support any
resolution. There are no limits on map size or players per game.
The Zod Engine is also in a state of continual development so new
features may come at any time with idea's from the players.