My patches to CMake
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Brad King db915a3785 Utilities/Release: Drop Cygwin binary 5 years ago
Windows VS: Add support for Windows 10 Universal (Store) Applications 6 years ago
AppleInfo.plist Drop unnecessary LSRequiresCarbon reference from Info.plist files 6 years ago
CMakeVSMacros1.vsmacros ENH: Added StopBuild macro. 14 years ago
CMakeVSMacros2.vsmacros ENH: Add code to support calling the VS reload macro from Visual Studio 7.1 and 9.0 in addition to 8.0 sp1... Make new macros file with VS 7.1 so that it can be read by 7.1 and later. VS 7.1 does not appear to run the macros while a build is in progress, but does not return any errors either, so for now, the reload macro is not called when using 7.1. If I can figure out how to get 7.1 to execute the macro, I will uncomment the code in cmGlobalVisualStudio71Generator::GetUserMacrosDirectory() to activate executing the macros in VS 7.1, too. 14 years ago
CPack.GenericDescription.txt Replace URLs with 6 years ago
CPack.GenericLicense.txt Replace URLs with 6 years ago
CPack.GenericWelcome.txt ENH: Simplify the generic instructions 16 years ago Add an "installed file" property scope 8 years ago Convert CMake-language commands to lower case 9 years ago create_test_sourcelist: Use safer strncpy instead of strcpy 5 years ago