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GtkChart for Gtk.DrawingArea (Cairo)

Commits in gtk/cairo-chart:8c2d84c1292a00bf58ce90e3bb2f9e1ff8a68ea8

Thursday September 14 2017

8c2d84c: fix build

avatar Kolan Sh 08:42

Thursday September 07 2017

ec0ed49: Merge branch '#139_cut_lines' into develop

avatar Kolan Sh 16:12

002e995: Fixes #139: Cut lines when they are outside of the chart grid.

avatar Kolan Sh 16:12

82aa857: Add copy() method to classes.

avatar Kolan Sh 16:05

accddc2: Split source files on classes.

avatar Kolan Sh 16:05

cf9ec1d: In progress: scrolling added.

avatar Kolan Sh 15:17

Wednesday August 30 2017

5597e2e: Float types fxd.

avatar Kolan Sh 16:07

Saturday August 19 2017

10e5a90: Merge branch '#134_float128.vapi' into develop

avatar Kolan Sh 00:09

734f49e: Fixes #134: float128type{vapi,h} file installation.

avatar Kolan Sh 00:08

8832d6e: Avoiding warnings by creating structs without new operator.

avatar Kolan Sh 00:07

Thursday August 17 2017

f2e220b: Main functional added. Need Zoom/Move, Cursors.

avatar Kolan Sh 13:36

Wednesday February 15 2017

9d1cfc0: Initial directory tree structure created.

avatar Kolan Sh 00:33

Wednesday February 08 2017

2dc665c: Initial commit.

avatar Kolan Sh 16:59